About Me

headshot 6After spending the past two years living in Boston and working as a corporate strategy consultant, I am excited to embark on my next adventure: being a Kiva Fellow working in microfinance. For my first three-month placement, I am living in Nairobi, Kenya. I spend my days going out in the field and meeting small business owners and other individuals seeking loans, walking them through the process and then sharing their stories on Kiva’s website (www.kiva.org). There, you can read about people who are using hard work to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. You can help give them a start by lending them money through the website.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to contact me at maia.pelleg@fellows.kiva.org.


5 Responses to About Me

  1. Benjie says:

    I want to be a Kiva Fellow, how should I go about doing this?

    • maiapelleg says:

      Hi Benjie! Thanks for visiting my blog and your interest in Kiva. I am so excited to start my Kiva Fellowship, and am thrilled when others express interest in taking part in such an incredible organization. The Kiva Fellows Program accepts applications on a rolling basis, and the next deadline is October 1st, 2009. My application consisted of filling out basic information about myself (education, past experiences, relevant skill sets, etc.), writing several essays (see my blog for an example), and finally a series of interviews. Check out the Kiva Fellows Program website for more information: http://www.kiva.org/about/fellows-program.

  2. Shehreen says:

    Hi Maia,

    My friends and I met you at the Kiva mixer in the Mission a few weeks ago. We were all very impressed by the organization and the fellows. Good luck on this next big adventure. We can’t wait to live vicariously through all of you doing good things around the world!



    • maiapelleg says:

      Hi Shehreen,

      It was great meeting you back in SF. It feels like ages ago! Thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to send any questions you may have my way!


  3. Danielton says:


    Its great that you took the bold step to add value into some people’s lives.
    Someone said “If you light a lamp for someboby, it will also brighten your path” I hope that this experience will be useful to your future endeavors.

    Good luck,


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