Sinapi Aba Trust

The location of my second placement as a Kiva Fellow was also a surprise. After a lot of back and forth as to where I’d be, I am excited to be heading to Ghana to work with the microfinance institution Sinapi Aba Trust.

Sinapi Aba Trust (SAT) is a private non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which was established to support the poorest of the economically active poor to enhance their lives through microfinance and basic business training. SAT’s mission is “to serve as a Mustard Seed through which opportunities for enterprise development and income generation are given to the economically disadvantaged in society.”

In addition to SAT’s areas of expertise (microfinance, impact assessment and monitoring, advisory services in key operational and management issues, product development and refinement), SAT has added other areas of development into its operations. These include:

Business transformational training program: small and micro entrepreneurs are trained in basic business management covering such areas as accounting, marketing and finance

– HIV/AIDS and reproductive health: awareness creation and counseling services; youth apprenticeship program to reduce incidence and spread of STIs / HIV/AIDS and unemployment among the youth by providing them with employable skills.

– Community development: community leadership, resource mobilization, project planning and implementation techniques and conflict resource

Since its inception 14 years ago, SAT has established microfinance services in 10 regions of Ghana. I’ll be based in Kumasi, the location of SAT’s headquarters, but will be traveling to many of SAT’s 24 branches over the next several months to meet with branch staff and work directly with borrowers.

To find out more about SAT, its goals and impact, please visit SAT’s partner site by clicking here.


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